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Its Died
Something in my mind told me that...
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Hello Everybody(!)?

When you're no longer feels the butterflies
The butterflies in my stomach are dead
They died.
I no longer feel the beat
I feel empty
I tried
I want to open up my heart
I want to feel the excitement
But its a failure

What a magic. I wonder what kind of pain hit me during my past that make me became someone heartless. Completely heartless. Being heartless is not an easy thing. There is no more love in it. Feels like you have no heart. It's not like I want to be in love, it just I kinda miss that stuff. Crush on someone, tell my friends about him. But, what I've done so far was telling my friends about people who tried to open up my heart for me, but they failed. I tried to be more open minded about it so I told my friends, but there were no feeling anymore. All the messages, tweets, they were just a LIE for I-Dont-Know-The-Reason. There is no longer feeling in my heart. Its been a long time since those butterflies awaken. Today, I realise that they are dead. The butterflies in my stomach now slowly turn into dust and fly away. It hurts being heartless. The pain is real.

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Written by Ann
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