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Hello Everybody(!)?

There were times where I lost my focus

It's week 3 now, as I stated before here I have no regret with what I chose now. I satisfied with everything. My room, my bed, my locker, my housemates, my roommates well maybe classmates too.

Or maybe I can still feel comfort with everything despite that all of it is new to me. I mean, it just week 3. I have to survive here for 4 years! Maybe the obstacle isn't here yet or maybe it's waiting for the right time to crash on me.

I have to compete with people that are older than me, and it's not fun. I mean, I became a leader and need to lead those people that older than me. As beginner, I did quite a good job because they listened to me or maybe because they needed to listen to my words. But trust me, it was not easy to command people that older that you. Sometimes I feel rude.

To add more, I have 8 classes per week. It quite challenging you know in waiting for buses to come and pick you up to go to the class and those buses ignore you because the drivers needed to rest but excuse me sir, we're late already. And the next 2 buses also don't wanna stop. And when the fourth bus stop, in a blink of eyes, you can see the people in the bus look like Sardine fishes filled in a small can. NO! Do not expect me to go in there and stuffed. One hour to get a bus, what a 'convenient' service. I paid thousands only to get this kind of services. Wow! Impressive! What next? No bus during weekend. Okay, I'm fine. I can walk to the campus to go to the library. It just 5 kilometres away. I'm fine with it. Only to know that library closed on weekend. Yeah. Still fine.

Those things that happened, is like a piece of paper to me. Why? Because the harder ones are waiting in the future. Ini baru sikit weh. banyak lagi beratur di hadapan menanti masa sesuai untuk cabar diri ini. But to be honest, I am sure enough that I can face all this things. It just I can't handle people. The biggest obstacle no matter where you go.

I bet I need to be a person to handle people or maybe just be a potato. The spicy one.

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Written by Ann
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