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I don't know why it is so difficult to post something here now. I used to post various random topics back then. Guess I lost myself again to the level that I unable to think what to share. All those tutorials, those posts, I deleted. I don't know what's happening to me when I was deleting them one by one. I wanna write something here, I wanna share what I feel like to share but it's not that easy now.

That day, I feel different. 

That day? What day? I don't know. It happened in a blink of eyes. It happened just like that. I can't even explain what actually happened. How can I trapped in this kind of world? It filled with languages I barely understand. No. I don't even understand a word back then! Not even a word. I was not even know what fangirling is. Fandom? What is that? It's been 5 years since I involved in this kpop stuff. It was terrible back then, I did nothing but looking at those kpop groups and giggled all by myself like a freak. I watched all those Korean dramas and not even missed one episode. 1 am? 2 am? I can watch it till 6 am! No sleep and go to school after that. IT WAS CRAZY! I KNEW! How can I became that addicted? IT WAS SUPER DUPER UNBELIEVEABLE!
Well, we all know about 'Rebel Age' right? It was during that season, LOL. I was rebelling that I tortured myself. I didn't even care about my health. That was how I rebelled. I guess that way is better. Like, what if I did what everyone did during that age? My not-so-called friends at that age went to night club, got drunk, involved in illegal racing, yelled back at their parents, and suprise! some even got pregnant and got married at such a young age!
So, Korean people, I would like to thank you for coming into my life during that times. It was unplanned, trust me. Nowadays, I'm not that active in that kpop field. Slowly, I become an adult but still fangirling. I'm still a member in that field, in fact I'm a VVVVIP in that field. I don't need to do anything, I know everything that happens. Ask me, and I can answer you back with a long definitions and explainations. You might get a smiley too. LOL. More suprising, I can understand almost all words in Korean now.
Society don't understand us being like this. They'll said we're crazy, they said we're being obsessed with people who doesn't know we're exist. It hurts to hear all that. Why is it wrong to be a kpopper? We're still supporting our local celebrities. Tell me what kind of variety show that we have here? None.But we still watch those cooking shows,news and dramas. Korean people make various kind of variety shows to entertain their people. And it entertain us too so we watch it. Why do you expect us to watch all those ridiculous politic problems in this country? God, I almost cursed when it comes to politic. If you can't help, please don't make it worst.
Do not underestimate our ability to make your mouth shut  if you keep on doing this. You said we're being childish then wait till we're being mature about it. Even your politicians unable to help you. Open your eyes, society. Everyone has their own way to entertain themself. Life is like that.
If you happened to have kids like that, be grateful. Stop telling them to be like their friends. You're lucky they addicted to kpop things, at least they're not addicted to drug. Just ask them to slow down a bit, and everything will be alright. This is how they overcome every pains in their life. Help them, not scold them. Its never that easy to be a teenager nowadays and to make it harder, parents don't even understand how hard it is to be a teenager in this century.

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