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Hello Everybody(!)?

Finally, I feel like I'm getting better. Eventhough I still can't find myself in me. Maybe, this is the time for me to change. I never thought that I'm gonna change into this kind of person. I feel different yet comfortable. I feel awkward yet fun. 

The exams just around the corner. I admitted that I'm still playing and joking a round a bit. But that is the only way to beat stress. It works to me. You guys might can try it too. Study till late night is like a daily routine for me. But my beloved Baes told me that I need to have a good sleep time or else I might get sick. Aren't they sweet? I know. 

My only advice is, no matter how hard, how bad your day today, always think and set in your mind "Tomorrow Will Be Better" . Life only once. Don't give up just because of one bad day. Smile, people. Its only bad day, not bad life. No one know what future might brings. Till then, hang on people. Always smile. Show the world your smile. Conquer the world with your bright smile. 

Love. Smile. Love.
Remember that people. Eventhough you're about to collapse, smile and say "Tomorrow will be better". Just hang in there and live your life. This is WORLD people. Welcome to the real world. People will judge you, push you and etc. So what? Did you born to make those judges satisfy? NO. You born to be who you are and live as you are. Sometimes, you gotta be bold. Don't let them step on you. You can do it, I can do it, together we do it. Be happy people. Don't ruin the day. Don't ruin your mood. Stay healthy and happy. Those bad memories just leave them behind, a BRIGHT permanent memories are waiting in the future. 

May God Bless all of you, silent readers. I hope you can get what you want and be happy. Smile before you leave my website. Thank you :).

ツShow The World Your Smileツ

Written by Ann
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